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Active optical cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) solution
The active optical fiber cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) produced by Infiberone is a type of handheld Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) of complete function and easy to operate. It has four main functions: (1) 10 GE BERT error tes
High density MPO/MTP cabling system in Data Center
In today’s fast-moving cyber world, with the advent and popularity of cloud computing and big data, the demand for high-speed transmission and data capacity is becoming much greater than ever before. There exist millions of servers in some cloud-computing
Solution for Storage Area Network (SAN) and Infiberone Optical Module
The Storage Area Network (referred to as SAN) of data center usually adopts Fiber Channel (FC) technology, connect storage arrays and server host via FC switches and establish the area network dedicated for data storage. After ten years of development, SA
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