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Transceiver Programmer & Test Tools
Cloud Programmer Service of Infiberone Optical Module Checker
一. Why clients need optical modulecloud programmer?1. Oneof the disadvantages of stand-alone offline code-writing programmer (hereinafterreferred to as “stand-alone version”) is slow service response, so clients needto obtain compatible code inform…
Active optical cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) solution
The active optical fiber cable tester (SFP + AOC CHECHER) produced by Infiberone is a type of handheld Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) of complete function and easy to operate. It has four main functions: (1) 10 GE BERT error tes
MPO/MTP Polarity Checker
Infiberone provides a complete kit to measure MPO/MTP polarity in Fiber optical cabling system. The MPO/MTP checker includes all the tools needed to measure MPO/MTP polarity on multimode and single-mode fiber optic equipment and fiber optic cabling, it is
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